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David Porteous is a Canadian solo singer/songwriter, music producer, filmmaker, multi-instrumentalist and comedy writer who currently resides in Toronto, Canada. 

Now 34-years-old, Porteous began writing music at age 11, had his first radio play on CBC Radio 2 at the age of 14, was nominated as an Olympic Torchbearer, won First Prize in a National Anthem Song Contest, and has created 31 solo music releases. He is also currently hosting and lead writer/director of the parody-comedy show about Toronto, entitled The Sicks.

Over the years Porteous has toured extensively in Canada, the UK, Europe and performed at top music festivals such as NXNE, CMJ (New York), Havnekulturfestival (Denmark), Music City North, Indie Music Week, Acoustic Edinburgh (UK), and Canadian Music Week. His passionate on-stage performances and lead guitar work have also landed him opening slots with many talented artists, including Emm Gryner, Peter Katz, Matthew Barber, Neverending White Lights, Rob Lamothe, Lindy, Matt Norris and the Moon, and Nellie McKay.

In 2015 Porteous headlined a music tour to raise money for the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Porteous’ motivation for planning this charity tour came from him learning of the work done by the Canadian Women’s Foundation. “It’s freighting to think that 21% of women in Canada are raising their children while struggling with poverty” said Porteous. “The Canadian Women’s Foundation is there to help women across the country who deserve the well needed support. It brings me great joy to be able to support the Canadian Women’s Foundation with this music tour.”

Jessica Howard, a Senior Writer at the Canadian Women’s Foundation said “The funds raised will help women and girls across Canada move out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence. Thank you, David!"

Including an anonymous corporate donation, David Porteous' solo tour raised over $3600 for the Canadian Women's Foundation.

Porteous’ latest album, entitled 31, was recorded in his bedroom. "I began recording music when I was 15-years-old, and I quickly learned how liberating recording music at home could be. I decided to record and mix 31 in my bedroom to relive that experience" said Porteous. The artwork for the album features a photo taken by his mom of him holding a guitar when he was 3-years-old.

Four songs from the album 31 are featured in the new film Boy Meets Girl, directed by Eric Schaeffer. Schaffer is best known for films like If Lucy Fell (starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Ben Stiller) and the TV series Gravity. Boy Meets Girl premiered in New York January 2015 and has won over a thirty film festival awards.

Porteous has never shied away from pushing himself creatively speaking and has developed an innovative music video for the deaf. “As vibration is a common characteristic of both sound and light waves, I began by transcribing my music into colour,” said Porteous. “For example, the musical note A shares the same frequency as the colour of a naval orange.” The music video was a feature on the CBC's national news network and can be viewed here.

"It's so compelling and intriguing…it takes the musical experience to a whole other level" said Asha Tomlinson, host of CBC News Now.

When Porteous heard about the stage collapse at Downsview Park in Toronto hours before Radiohead were scheduled to perform, he was quite devastated. Scott Johnson, Radiohead's drum technician, was killed in the incident. Even though Porteous did not know Scott personally, he has been a big Radiohead fan since he was 15-years-old and empathized with Scott’s family and the entire Radiohead team for their loss.

In turn, Porteous decided to hold a series of benefit concerts in memory of Scott Johnson, and used the funds raised at one of the concerts to purchase an electronic drum kit which he donated to the Fort York Library in Toronto in memory of Scott. Philip Selway, the drummer for Radiohead, loved the idea so much that he decided to copy Porteous’s idea and donated a drum kit to the Manchester Central Library alongside Guy Garvey (Elbow) and Stephen Morris (Joy Division).

The event was held on BBC Radio. Click here to listen to Philip talk about the drum kit donation as well as Porteous’ involvement.

When Porteous was 22-years-old, he followed the footsteps of soldiers who fought in Europe during World War Two. While visiting battlefields, cemeteries and monuments, Porteous carried a guitar and wrote and recorded music, on-location, based on his experiences. The film and CD, entitled War Music, were featured on CBC Sunday as well as BBC's The Movie Café. War Music is currently being used as a teaching tool at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, and the film is now available to watch on YouTube for free.

"Any project of such wide scope has potential for missteps, but Porteous's earnest songs, which we literally watch him write on the battlefields of Europe, bring some urgency to events that for many of us are usually just pieces of history. And that's no small feat." - blogTO.

For information on other notable releases, click here.











"...a talented singer/songwriter and documentary filmmaker."
Janice Forsyth, BBC

"David Porteous has released another great CD."
Tegan and Sara

"...left the crowd speechless."
The Shield (review of CMW Showcase)

"David's soulful voice, combined with his passionate guitar playing, ended with the audience loudly demanding several encores."
BlickPunkt - Review of concert in Hof, Germany

"Any project of such wide scope has potential for missteps, but Porteous's earnest songs, which we literally watch him write on the battlefields of Europe, bring some urgency to events that for many of us are usually just pieces of history. And that's no small feat."
- War Music chosen as Top Film Pick of the Day, blogTO

"An incredible and innovative Canadian singer/songwriter."

"’ll appreciate the pilot episode of The Sicks."
Alan Cross

"It's so compelling and takes the musical experience to a whole other level."
Asha Tomlinson, Host of CBC News Now describing David Porteous' music video for the deaf








Career Highlights

Raised $3600 for the Canadian Women’s Foundation on solo fundraising music tour

First Place National Anthem Song Contest

Olympic Torchbearer Nominee : Beijing Summer Games

NOW Magazine “Critic’s Pick” for NXNE Festival

Honorable Mention : Billboard Song Contest

New World Thinker : Awarded by Lenovo Computers

Album produced for Canadian band Gruve nominated for
"Rock Recording Of The Year" at the Hamilton Music Awards

Special guest performer for CMJ Music Marathon, Havnekulturfestival Denmark, Canadian Music Week, NXNE, War Child Canada, HBC Run For Canada, Music City North, Nike Run.To, Acoustic Edinburgh, Sistering Fundraiser, Toronto Sick Kids Hospital Concert, and many more..

Notable Releases  


The Dirt : A music video for the deaf

This music video is an attempt at translating music into a visual form. Each instrument in this video was created from scratch by filming various light sources. The size, texture and position of each 'visual instrument' is reflects how the instrument was mixed in the audio recording. The colour of the instrument is significant with regard to it's pitch.

 ""It's so compelling and intriguing ... it takes the musical experience to a whole other level.""
Asha Tomlinson, CBC


 "You don't need to be able to hear to enjoy this song."
The Daily What




War Music : WWII documentary film

David Porteous follows the footsteps of soldiers who fought during World War II through ten countries in Europe. Visiting battlefields, cemeteries, and interviewing survivors, David captures his entire journey on film as he writes and record music, on-location, based on his experiences throught the journey.


 "Any project of such wide scope has potential for missteps, but Porteous's earnest songs,which we literally watch him write on the battlefields of Europe, bring some urgency to events that for many of us are usually just pieces of history. And that's no small feat."
Top Film Pick of the Day, blogTO



Twelve Months : 12 EPs recorded in 12 months

When David turned 25-years-old, he dared himself to write and record an EP a month for an entire year straight. The project, “Twelve Months”, consists of 70 songs all for the price of a standard music album.


"...what I call prolific."
National Post 




Shoot the Image : Cranes in the City

Produced and recorded by Morrissey guitar player Boz Boorer. David Porteous plays lead guitar in Shoot The Image. The band spent a couple weeks recording at Boorer's private studio, located in a secluded area a couple hours drive outside of Faro, Portugal.


"This CD is absolutely brilliant. Everything about it – from the performances by all band members, the quality of the production of every song and the mixing/mastering – is by far the best I’ve heard by any band in recent years."
North by East West





This album was recorded as an acknowledgment to the suffering endured by the civilians caught in the middle of the recent Afghanistan and Iraq wars.


"If you're a record producer, sign this guy up!"
Evan Solomon, Host of CBC Power and Politics




Dissent : A protest song against the N.D.A.A.

When the U.S. government passed the N.D.A.A. bill that would allow indefinate detention of any person without charge or trial, David Porteous wrote and recorded the song "Dissent". The song has received praise from PANDAA, the largest organization battling the N.D.A.A.


"I watched this hoping, at best, for a man and his guitar. You have done much better, and far exceeded my expectations."
PANDAA Organization




Go Canada Go : A hockey song

This song won First Place in The National Anthem Song Contest contest hosted by Mongrel Media. David wrote this song in celebration of Canada’s 2010 Olympic Gold Medal Winning Hockey Teams. Go Canada Go also received praise from members of Hockey Canada, the official organization for Canada’s professional Hockey Teams.

Featured on Alan Cross' site